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Monier-Williams Dictionary gives the etymology as: अप् √सृ, "going in the waters or between the waters of the clouds".

Apsarās are known as vidhya dhari or tep apsar (ទេពអប្សរ) in Khmer, accharā (Pāli) or a bố sa la tư (Vietnamese), bidadari (Indonesian and Malay), biraddali (Tausug), hapsari/apsari or widadari/widyadari (Javanese) and aapson (Thai: ).

Seeing her thus disrobed, the sage abandoned himself to lust.The Mahabharata documents the exploits of individual apsaras, such as Tilottama, who rescued the world from the rampaging asura brothers Sunda and Upasunda, and Urvashi, who attempted to seduce the hero Arjuna.A story type or theme appearing over and over again in the Mahabharata is that of an Apsara sent to distract a sage or spiritual master from his ascetic practices.English translations of the word "apsara" include "nymph", "celestial nymph", and "celestial maiden".In Indian mythology, apsaras are beautiful, supernatural female beings.

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