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This includes Inclusive Leadership, Coaching, Communication, Authentic Customer Service and Mindfulness as well as techniques to build resilience in the workplace.

Life Works Holistic Counseling Centre has a team of to provide quality community wellness services.

She is a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), having done her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology from the UK.

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Life Works currently run two centres – Life Works Personal Development Training Centre licensed by the KHDA and Life Works Holistic Counseling Centre licensed by DHA.

Unique programs have been developed specifically for the treatment of expatriates and young adults.

All our treatment programs are built by a professional to help facilitate the effective treatment of clients We promise confidentiality, safety, and comfort at our Centre. Lavina Ahuja, is a Personal Development Trainer here at Life Works Foundation.

I have attended many counselling courses in the past 10 years which include motivational interviewing, reality therapy, brief therapy, and Family therapy.

Specializations I have given university and school lectures on the specialized topics on Awareness and Interventions on substance misuse.

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