Incremental spectral clustering by efficiently updating the eigensystem

The proposed technique relies on a kernel-based formulation of the spectral clustering problem, also known as kernel spectral clustering.

In this framework, the Nyström approximation of the feature map of size Rocco Langone was born in Potenza, Italy, in 1983.

There has been effort to approximate the commute time in offline mode.

Our interest is inspired by the use of commute time in online mode.

We propose an accurate and efficient approximation for computing the commute time in an incremental fashion in order to facilitate real-time applications.

Lync sets this status when it detects that you’re participating in a Lync online meeting or when, according to your Outlook calendar, you are scheduled to be in a meeting. The note will appear with your contact card and, if you want, in your contacts’ Activity Feed.

Commute time is a random walk based metric on graphs and has found widespread successful applications in many application domains.

However, the computation of the commute time is expensive, involving the eigen decomposition of the graph Laplacian matrix.

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