Jewish singles with special needs dating

This will help others to get to know you so you can connect and grow a special needs friendship or special needs dating relationship. Start building lasting friendships and relationships. There is no limit to the number of people or times you can communicate with each other. Chip and I talked as best friends from November until December when we finally met in person at the mall.Start your search for your brand new friends or romance! Start building your brand new community of people just like you today! Dallas Association for Parent Education Dallas, 972/699-0420 or 972/699-0438 The association’s Warmline/E-Warmline (972/699-7742) is a free phone service staffed by trained volunteers, available to parents and caregivers from Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm.Warmline offers support, suggestions for common problems, developmental facts about children and resource information.However, a very important group of people has not been sufficiently addressed.I am referring to many excellent frum boys and girls who have a medical issue or some physical disability.You can also ask a question via an email form on their website, which will be answered within three business days.Hope Center 4 Autism Fort Worth, 817/560-1139 Offers a monthly Parent Support Group meeting where parents can relax and chat with other like-minded people.

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Quote: "We are a group of 4 shadchanim who network with others in order to expand the pool of like singles with medical issues.

Our work is all done L'Shaim Mitzva and hope that with the help of the Ribbono Shel Olam we can help ALL people, regardless of their situation build a Bayis.

Tax ID: 65-1134716 Our sages say that finding a mate is as difficult as the splitting of the Red Sea.

For a person with a disability it can feel like mission impossible.

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