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Through extensive field work she has followed special units in Oslo and Bergen and observed how they work.She has also interviewed people within the police force.The police have been fighting prostitution in Norway since the beginning of the 1980s.“Some people in the police have made an effort to build relationships with the prostitutes and have worked systematically in order to gain trust among them.They have done this both with and without support from the leadership,” says Jahnsen.“During the 1990s the social services and the police worked together in order to increase the number of reports on rape and other physical and sexual assaults.Exploitation in the prostitution market is taken seriously.

They know that they risk being deported if they contact the police.”According to international agreements, victims of human trafficking are entitled to a “reflection period”.

Her study shows how the work against prostitution has changed from being given relatively little priority – often referred to as women’s work – to becoming a type of fight against crime which gives internal status and recognition.

“A change of attitudes has taken place in the Norwegian police force.

They also receive some money in order to cover their basic needs.

The measures which have been established for those who fit the system are good, but everything is temporary,” says Jahnsen.“Permanent protection is not the intention.

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