Worst dating moments

But if you are going to lead her along, make sure that an actual proposal follows pretty quickly. Don’t frustrate your loved one by making them sit in front of a nigh-unsolvable monstrosity for hours!

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Hiding it in (Messy) Food Beyond all the potential pitfalls involved with accidentally-swallowed jewelry, no one wants to wear a ring covered in goopy chocolate sauce.

On a side note, you should also not ask for her father’s permission to marry her when drunk. It’s awful to play with anyone in this way, especially for such an important moment as this. In an Elaborate Puzzle No one wants to see their ring locked away behind one of those infuriating puzzles.

This is something my husband seemed to overlook ;) He made up for it by NOT using one of the worst marriage proposals listed here to pop the question (see our proposal on this page) The Fakeout Yes, your girl may have a good sense of humor about the fact that she thought you were going to propose but just wound up tying your shoe, or that inside that fancy ring box is actually a pair of earrings. If you’re going to use this, make it simple and easy so they can finish it quickly, or keep giving them hints to move the puzzle along.

In my experience, the worst marriage proposals end without a ring.

That being said, if you actually cannot afford a ring (and your girlfriend knows this), at least give her a handmade ring as a gesture. Statement It may seem like common sense, but if you want someone to spend the rest of their lives with you, you should ASK them.

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